Walnaring Building History


My apprenticeship started 1978 for Fallshaw & Son in Heidelberg West, specialising in contract  furniture for hotels and churches.

In 1986 l started Walnaring Furnishings in a back yard shed Building & Cabinetry.

In 1988 my wife & l opened an antique shop in Hurstbridge called Walnaring Furnishings & Old Wares.  We made and restored furniture for sale.  This shop closed 4 years later due to the 18% interest rate at the time…

Today I'm a fully licensed Builder Unlimited DBU 64491 specialising in renovations, new homes, project management, unit development, extensions, kitchen & bathrooms.  I have gained lots of experience in domestic building.

I also studied in the mid 90's at RMIT Furniture Technology, History in Furniture, Design and Business Management.

We are now a Father & Son business.  Jesse my son works for me as a carpenter, he is now in his 7th year.

This is very brief story of my working life.

Mark Bevilacqua